OpenSuSE: Disable firewall completely

I was wondering… why I can’t connect through ssh. sshd daemon is running fine, so I found out that OpenSuSE installs its stikin’ firewall by default and blocks everything. I’m pretty well protected behind enough high end security devices, and don’t need to micro-manage my connection. Here is how I disabled the firewall altogether:

/sbin/SuSEfirewall2 off

To start the firewall:

/sbin/SuSEfirewall2 on

If you want to temporarily disable your firewall:

/etc/init.d/SuSEfirewall2_setup stop

Enter the above line without “stop” and you will see all available switches.

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  1. Bruce
    1:49 PM on March 22nd, 2012
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    I turned *OFF* the firewall. Why did somebody think I needed a *SECOND* firewall to turn off? :(

  2. HeM
    1:16 PM on December 5th, 2012
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    thnanks .. save time …

  3. Kostya
    7:37 PM on February 23rd, 2013
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    Yep, I know it’s a bit out of date, still… When I used OpenSUSE I had to do the same with SuSEFirewall: disable it completely and use my own iptables rules script instead. No, I didn’t have so many security devices and I DID want to manage my connection — but NOT the SuSEfirewall way in any case! Just for the simple reason that iptables is complicated enough itself, but then SuSEFirewall is another complicated enough program. Didn’t see why use it, when it’s just another structure on top of iptables. Sure, an enterprise level product MUST have a gimmicky GUI firewall… but I failed to appreciate its advantages.

  4. Ali
    7:44 PM on February 24th, 2013
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    Can’t go wrong with iptables. The rest are jokes in my opinion.

  5. Ali
    7:46 PM on February 24th, 2013
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    wp-iphone/3.5 (iPhone OS 6.1, iPhone) Mobile

    You’ll have to use MIP or VIP to allow access. It has nothing to do with VPN as far as I know.

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